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As we like to say, every day, we wake up and smell the freshly-roasted coffee. We want to ensure the bars, restaurants, pastry shops or catering services that trust us a product that is constantly fresh.
We roast and deliver our products on a weekly basis to ensure the best aroma and maximum yield: 7 grams are always enough for a fantastic espresso.
What’s more, by delivering on a weekly basis, we simplify our client’s supply management. Often, there’s no need to even stockpile. In summer, when it gets particularly busy on the beaches along the Venetian riviera, we even deliver twice a week.

  • Freshly-roasted coffee
    We roast and deliver coffee every week, even twice a week.
  • Excellent yield
    7 grams are always enough for a fantastic espresso.
  • 24-hour assistance
    We are specialists and we guarantee 24-hour assistance. At no added cost.
  • With no obligations
    The only constraint we have is the one we impose upon ourselves: ensuring quality, constantly.


We loan our clients all the equipment and machinery they need to prepare and serve great coffee. We check it every time we make a delivery to make sure it’s working well. We love paying attention to details. This is why our even personalised porcelain has the best workmanship (and is Made in Italy, of course)! Our services are guaranteed, and our clients are under no obligations; the only obligation we have is to ensure constant quality. Equipment and machinery we loan to our customers:
  • Espresso coffee machines
  • Espresso grinders
  • Automatic purifiers
  • Three coffee cups sizes: espresso, cappuccino and macchiatone
  • Tea sets
  • Milk jugs
  • Napkin holders
  • Sugar holders
  • Signs

every time

We do not work with third parties. Our clients always deal with a direct business representative, who is part of the family. And we are all specialists. Every time we make a delivery, we check our machines are working properly; we check the grinding, seals and state of the machine. If necessary, we make some small routine interventions.
In the event of technical problems, we guarantee 24/7 assistance and we take care of the costs.